Directors and Officers

Dan Honold Jim Warren
Jeff Roethe Don Brown
Bob Cullen C. Richard Anderson
Tony Astin Walter Sayre (Emeritus)
George Shellestad (Emeritus)

Dan Honold
Vice President
Bob Cullen
Tony Astin
Asst. Vice-President / Branch Manager
Steve Hein
Asst. Vice-President / Mortgage Officer
Amanda Benway
Loan Officer
Marisa Walton
Comptroller Officer
Janis Frank
Deposit Relationship Officer
Jodi Anderson
Cash Operations Officer
Wendi Sahr
Customer Relationship Officer
Theresa Gunderson
Credit Officer
Danny Ozga

Bank of Milton Officers

We are committed to providing you with quality, personal service. All your needs receive professional attention. Our officers, directors, and employees pledge their full support to you, the customer.